Press Note – Funergal

Funergal 2020 will host the exhibition “Cemeteries of the World” of The Funeral Guide

Funergal is already outlining the complementary activities program to make the visit to the International Funeral Products and Services Fair to be held in Expourense (Ourense-Galicia) between September 24 and 26, 2020. One of the novelties of this Edition will be the photographic exhibition “Cemeteries of the World” provided by The Funeral Guide. There are 50 photographs collected throughout the numerous trips of its director, Carmen Olmeda, to delve into the different funeral rites and cultural conception of death in various areas of the World.

Each photograph also carries a small explanation of the place where they were taken and their meaning, as shown by the three examples that we attach in this news.

1. Offering, the ashes are scattered in the sea along with ashes flowers, fruits are thrown … Bali Island, Indonesia

2. Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The place is called Lemo in the Tana Toraja area and the wooden doors are tombs, the wooden figures are the Tau Tau, sculpted in the likeness of the deceased

3. World famous funeral monument The Taj Mahal, Emperor Sha Jahan built this impressive monument for his deceased second wife Muztaz Mahal by giving birth to his fourteenth son, a black one was planned to be buried by the emperor but it was never reached build.