Reportaje sobre Funergal 2016 publicado en la revista Oltre Magazine

Reportaje sobre Funergal 2014 publicado por la Revista Funeraria.

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Promotional spot of FUNERGAL 2014. see article

News about FUNERGAL in the magazine Nosotros Los Mayores see article

News about the international proyects of Expurense in the newspaper La Región see article

News in magazines of the sector about FUNERGAL, that will be celebrating in 2014 finals. see article

News in the sector´ magazine about FUNERGAL, which renews its stamp of internationality in 2014. see article

Part of the Italian magazine OLTRE MAGAZINE - 2012 see article

Press summary about last edition (november 2012) see article

Antonio García-Aliende, President of the Provincial Association of Funeral Companies of Ourense and President of the Committee Adviser of Funergal, see article


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