Within the framework of the eighth edition of Funergal, announcement the Funergal Awards 2018, that arises with the objective of recognizing professional and business initiatives.

    Among these awards are recognized four different categories:
  • Award for Best Stand.
  • Promotional Award for Best Action.
  • Award for most innovative product / service.
  • Award for internationalization


Para optar a los mencionados premios se reconocen dos supuestos diferenciados:

    To be eligible for the aforementioned awards are recognized two different assumptions:
  • With regard to the categories of Best Stand, may attend these awards the companies and professionals that are represented in Funergal 2018 by exposing their products / services in the exhibition space of the event hall.
  • With regard to the other categories, may attend these awards, the companies and professionals involved in Funergal 2018, either as exhibitors, sponsors or associates.


The organization of Funergal International Fair of Products and Funeral Service be in charge of select and propose nominations will compete for the awards in each category.The concurrence of at least three candidates in each category, facing the effective development of each prize is guaranteed.


The jury for the awards will be who will make the final decision of the nomination awarded in each category and will consist of various members of the Advisory Committee of Funergal, as well as representatives of the entities that make up the Board of Trade Fairs Foundation and Exposicions of Ourense.

All members of the jury have voice and vote with the exception of the Secretary (which is the Foundation's Fairs and Exposicions Ourense).

The judges have the right to leave any prize void if consider inadequate the level of the nominations.

In either case, there is no recourse or appeal against the decision of the jury.


Even unspecified


Award recipients will receive a diploma and a commemorative figure designed exclusively for these Awards, which symbolizes the recognition of Funergal and his professional work carried out in the context of the event.


In each of the categories, the jury will consider the following aspects related to the different applications:

Best Stand Award.

1.Equipment, decoration and preparation stand.
2. Customer service offered.

Award for Best Promotional Action.

1. Innovation, impact and impact of the campaign launched.
2. Degree of implication of the Funergal initiative.
3. Performances and complementary activities organized in the framework of the fair.

Award for Product/Service most Innovative.

1. Innovation and differentiation of the proposal presented.
2. Application of new technologies.

Award for the Internationalization

1. Projection and international significance.
2. Support fot the Internationalization of Funergal.


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